More examples of innovative tube solutions


Super Kay:

01_Super KayVolume and Printing in a New Dimension

A digitally printed 180 ml aluminium tube for a hair colouring product with a volume three times greater than a normal tube for consumers: It allows numerous colour shades and the reproduction of photorealistic motifs in the best quality.

Aluminium tube from La Metallurgica, Italy





02_Regen-SilPrecise and Convenient Application

The tube has a very distinct dispensing system: a special quarter-turn nozle cap that provides the extremely precise dosage and allows the gel to be applied simply and conveniently.

Aluminium tube from Alltub, France





03_MissoniUnique Presentation of a Famous Brand

The sensational tube design is the result of extensive experience and expertise in graphics and perfect craftmanship: colour shades create iridescent effects.

Plastic tube from Tubopress, Italy





Lait Creme:

04_Lait CremeElegance and Glamour

Gold-coloured aluminium tube with a sophisticated surface structure reminiscent of sand. This optical and at the same time tactile effect was achieved by applying an external coating.

Aluminium tube from Witte y Sola, Spain





05_DoveSplendidly Shaped

Thanks to their special shape the oval laminate tubes offer about ten percent more space for conveying messages than conventional cylindrical tubes. A highly reflective PBL material creates splendid metal effects and oval flip-top caps and coloured shoulders emphasise the elegant shape.

Laminate tube from Albea, France




Ultra doux:

06_Ultra douxXXL-Sized Premium Appeal

A tube with a diameter of 50 mm and an increased length of 210 mm makes a capacity of 300 ml possible. The print is achieved using a Gallus flexoprint graphic press and an in-line hot foil stamping to accentuate the premium character of the product range.

Laminate tube from Essel, Germany




Yves Rocher:

07_Yves RocherEcological Concept and Transparent Look

The tube uses 25 per cent less material than a conventional plastic tube. There is no gap between the cap and the shoulder, so that the ingress of water into the cap is not possible. This makes the use more hygienic. The transparent tube body is visually very attractive, the perfect flexo print gives the fruit and leaves a photorealistic appeal.

Plastic tube from Tubex, Germany





08_PrevagePerfect Product Protection and Luxurious Design

The airless tube stands for excellent product protection for sensitive contents, precise dosing, an extremely smoothly operating pump and a reliable 360° application. The special dispenser system ensures that the product does not come into contact with the metal springs.

Laminate tube from Neopac, Switzerland




Tai & Jon:

09_Tai & JonImpressive Eye-Catcher at the Point of Sale

A special 360° metallisation process from the skirt of the tube shoulder to the crimp area. The excellent print is achieved using a Heptacromia digital offset process HP Indigo:. This results in a unique combination of photographic reproduction of the motifs with elegant colour gradiations and gradients.

Plastic tube from CTL Tuboplast, Spain




Sampuan Zeytin:

10_Sampuan ZeytinGreat Look Using Relief Images and Designs

With an innovative embossing technique relief images and designs are created on the laminate print. The tube catches not only the eye with its unusual appearance, it also offers a great haptic and tactile effect at the same time.

Laminate tube from Perfektüp, Turkey




Ceys Roble Madera:

11_Ceys Roble MaderaTranslucent Visual Effects and Innovative Elements

The plastic tube has been developed using a 360° all-around transparent sticker. This innovative option ensures that every brand element is completely legible thanks to the translucency of the contents. Customers can clearly see the colour of the product and decide on the specific colour shade required.

Plastic tube from Petroplast, Spain




Sheer blonde:

12_Sheer blondExcellent Printing Technologies

Several printing and conversion technologies are used. The well-coordinated interplay between the technologies results in a design that immediately catches the eye. Offset printing for the watermarks and the black banderole, screen printing for the matt laquer at the end of the tube, the lettering and the different coloured banderoles of the range, finally silver embossing for an elegant finish.

Plastic tube from Linhardt, Germany




13_PirloIndividual Tube Designs

The tubes are printed with motifs of ten distinctive mountain silhouettes with information on their heights and locations combined with graphics that depict ten different popular sports. These individual tube designs permit the widest possible range of customer needs and preferences to be adressed and satisfied.

Laminate tube from Pirlo, Austria




Wet Finishing:

14_Wet FinishingA Cool Idea for a Fresh Feeling

The Wet Finish tube uses a special varnish and a multilayer tube. The varnish is applied as a transparent coating lacquer over the printed image. When the tube is taken out of the fridge, it produces a pleasently fresh haptic experience, just like an aluminium tube covered in condensation.

Laminate tube from Linhardt, Germany





15_AxeUnique Look and Feel Effects

Core of the tube design is a specially developed 400 micron deep black plastic barrier laminate. The tube is printed with a flexo-silk screen combination and a silver foil for the logo.

Different colours for the tag and other effects like overprinted foil to create a metallic surface.

The 360° tube surface is covered with matt varnish and spot gloss effects for an outstanding look.

Laminate tube from Essel Propack, Germany

Hidden surprise:

16_Hidden surpriseAdditional Space for Information

The inward artwork effect on the tube generates additional space for design and information.

It is also suited to special-edition products that provide the final consumer with an element of surprise. A transparent, low density polyethylene tube was used for the prototype. Inline combination of flexo printing, silk sreening and coloured foil.

Plastic tube from Argo, Greece



Tres Chic:

17_Tres ChicThe Appeal of Luxury and Glamour

The tube is reminiscent of scintillatingly glittering gemstones thanks to total body hot-stamping, welding over the entire tube length, and a special over-printable foil that is particulary suitable for multi-step silkscreen printing with glitter effects. Metallised push-on flip-top closures hide the shoulder.

Plastic tube from Tubopress, Italy




Daytox Cleansing foam:

18_Daytox Cleansing foamSoft-Touch Haptics and Metallic Effects

The tube surface is silky soft to the touch at the point of sale and hints at the beneficial properties of the contents. The tube´s aluminium barrier is namely an additional design element. It provides a refined metallic effect.

Laminate tube from Permapack, Switzerland




I Coloniali:

19_I ColonialiTraditional Luxury Brand Attracting Attention

A 40 mm plastic tube whose salient features are its shiny silk screening and its innovatively shaped wooden cap. The purity of the artwork and the natural simplicity of the cap represent the tradition of the luxury brand.

Plastic tube from Global Tube, Italy




Panier des Sens:

20_Panier des SensTube Design Mirrors Brand Philosophy

The 15 ml plastic tube is printed using four-colour flexo-printing and two-colour silk sreening.

The six different fragrances of the range are presented as fascinating, almost photorealistic motifs. A special pastel-coloured background was developed for each version. This rounds the visual harmony of the whole range perfectly.

Plastic tube from Albea, France




21_DermaPremium Appeal of the Material

The appearance of the tube which is reduced to the essential characteristics perfectly provides the premium appeal of the aluminium. The aesthetic colour of the design, accurate printing and the fine structure of the surface with fascinating tactile effects give the tube its unique premium appeal.

Aluminium tube from Perfektüp, Turkey




Tube for New Product Experience:

_DSC6807_smallCondensed milk in a modern and contemporate form of packaging intended to generate new target groups. The tube conveys a strong brand presence at the point of sale and creates a whole new taste and consumption experience.

Laminate tube from Soupletube, France





Glittering Appearance and Good Barrier Properties:

JPG_8695_smallA new developed laminate combines a metallic look with good restoring forces. The tube always returns to its original shape. All around printing not only in silver but also in all other metallic colours. Photorealistic designs and other forms of decoration are possible.

Laminate tube from Linhardt, Germany





Innovative Design All Around:

JPG_8664_smallThe 360° printed tube opens up new opportunities for design and marketing: Enormous broad and sophisticated colour spectrum, photorealistic motifs, the whole diversity of the CMYK colour model and special effects of the surface finishing.

Laminate tube from Karl Höll, Germany





Metal Effect Attracts Attention:

JPG_8875_smallThe extremely realistic appearance of metal on a plastic tube fascinates at first sight. Combination of silk screen technologies: Lettering in standard silk screen, especially designed silk screen for the metallic look and the haptic effects. Closure with a metallic lustre and special effect ink.

Prototype plastic tube from Tubex, Germany





Transparency in Perfection:

JPG_8837_smallThe tube is produced from a transparent material. The see-through look is a Real eye-catcher. Flexo/silk screen printed in ten colours with photo-realistic image on the front.

Plastic tube from Essel, Germany






Competence in Colour and Shading:

JPG_8792_smallExact and precisely printed squares testify the special quality of the printing. Eye-catching colour gradation from a dark black into different red and magenta shades give the tube its special appeal.

Aluminium tube from Witte y Solá, Spain






Enhancing the Action of the Tube‘s Contents:

_JPG2266_smallA massaging and cooling applicator allows a cream to rapidly permeate the skin, the ergonomic shape ensures easy handling and the on/off system permits controlled dosage. The balls can be supplied in metal or in plastic.

Plastic tube from Albéa, France





Interesting Application Solution:

_JPG2222_smallTube with an applicator for an anti-cellulite product. The head has an open/close option. The consumer experiences a new sensory feeling while the impact on the skin during application is improved.

Plastic tube from Soupletube, France






Reduced Material Usage:

_JPG2106_smallThe concept promises a material saving for the tube of 40 %. The tube does away with the tube shoulder completely. The flip-top cap is attached directly to the tube body. It can be printed without difficulties using all the common printing technologies.

Plastic tube from Tubex, Germany





Interplay between Shape and Function:

_JPG1989_smallThe tube simply adopts the product idea of the content. It is just as easy to shape as the hair of the consumer itself. The haptic properties of the tube allow the widest possible ranges of shapes and appealing designs.

Laminate tube from Linhardt, Germany






Tubes Generating Interest and Attracting Attention:

_DSC6615_small_DSC6621_smallCatching the attention of a young target group: A contribution to road safety education for the young generation appears on the inside of the tube as if one is using a magnifying glass.

Plastic tube from TU-Plast, Hungary



Eco-Friendly in Material and Appearance:

_DSC6500_smallThe tube contains only 30 % mono-PE, the remaining 70 % is post-consumer recycled (PCR) material which are just mixed together, no special coating is used. The appearance of the tube sends out a clear signal of its eco-friendliness.

Plastic tube from Linhardt, Germany





Hygiene Formula for Plastic Tubes:

_DSC6424_smallThe Z47Ag sterilizing system is an optimum mixture of tube raw material and finest silver particles and develops an anti-bacterial capability in all parts of the tube for an unlimited period of time. The tubes can be printed in all common techniques.

Plastic tube from Scandolara, Italy





Flexible Dropper Tube:

_DSC1305_smallThe tube generates easily controlled individual drops, which can be applied directly to the skin or added to another substance by metered dosing. The tube can be printed or hot stamped and rounded off with a variety of possible caps.

Laminate tube from Neopac, Switzerland





Tube Design at Point of Sale :

_DSC9593_smallDigital printing in combination with hot foil embossing and silk screen technology. Different motifs address the individual‘s expectations at the point of sale. Thanks to latest digital technology smaller editions and series can be produced.

Laminate tube from Pirlo, Austria





Tube in unimaginable quality:

_DSC9665_smallAll round digitally printed tube using an innovative printing technology. Absolutely photorealistic reproduction with an unlimited range of colours.

Aluminium tube from La Metallurgica, Italy






Exclusive Design:

_DSC9826_smallThe tube is flexo printed with a craft paper label effect. The metallic aluminium effect appears not only on the sleeve, but through the label.

Laminate tube from Albéa, France






Visual Appearance and Haptic Experience in Perfect Combination:

_DSC9747_smallEye-catching at its best and with a very special touch: After filling the tube, the top and the end seam are partially flocked.

Prototype plastic tube from Tubex, Germany






Excellent Printing and Appearance:

_DSC9800_smallThe look of the tube is created by the special nature of the illustration. Flexible printing in an eight colour process with laser engraved plates to achieve the level of detail.

Laminate tube from Albéa, France






Printing Technology of the Highest Standard:

_DSC9757_smallThe extremely fine grains of the miniature cherries can only be obtained in this intricate quality using hybrid printing process. Lettering and the code in screen printing, the image is produced by flexo printing.

Plastic tube from Tubex, Germany






Different Types of Closures for Dropper Tubes:

_DSC9684_smallFrom left to right: Smallest certified child-proof cannula closure, ergonomic cap with four small reinforcements for easy opening and a tamper-evident cannula closure with a pull-off ring that shows whether a tube has been opened or not.

Laminate tubes from Neopac, Switzerland





Colour, Shape and Function in Perfect Harmony:

_DSC9672_smallDispenser tubes that are as functional as they are visually appealing. Perfect solutions for airless-pump systems in combination with the design and colour of the tubes.

Laminate tube from Albéa, France






Tubes for Liquid Cosmetic Applications:

_DSC9698_smallTubes can be perfectly suitable for liquid contents such as liquid make-up, hair oil, nailcare products, dietary supplements and dental care serum. Set of five tubes from 3 to 30 millilitres.

Laminate tubes from Neopac, Switzerland






Brilliant Appearance:

_DSC9637_smallPlastic barrier laminate foil can be made to gleam with a metallic sheen in gold, silver or any other colour. The look is created by a so-called reverse printing. 360°-all-round printing, together with screen printing photo realistic motifs in up to 14 colours are possible.

Laminate tube from Karl Höll, Germany





Tubes in Premium Appeal:

_DSC9615_smallThe tubes excel in a combination of screen and flexo printing and the intelligent use of translucent paints. Elegant and classical design on a high gloss laminate produces lustre that is normally only attainable by embossing.

Laminate tube from Essel, Germany





Airless Pumps in Luxurious Look

_DSC5537Polyfoil airless tubes are equipped with luxurious airless pumps. The pump systems combine an elegant appearance with particularly simple and smooth operation. Two pump systems are available, both include a variant in which the contents do not come into contact with metallic parts.

Prototype laminate tube from Hoffmann Neopac, Switzerland





Perfect sustainability: less weight, less material, less energy

_DSC5581The Expert Repair lotion tube uses 25 per cent less plastic. The tube does not have a normal shoulder: On the contrary, the closure is welded directly to the tube body. This means less weight, in the ideal case up to 40 per cent. By using LED inks, less energy is used for drying with this printing process.

Plastic tube from Tubex, Germany





A Fantastic Range of Metallic Effects

_DSC5625The plastic barrier laminate (PBL) tubes have a web structure with multiple metallic effects and bounce back properties similar to conventional plastic tubes. It offers a broad range of unusual metallic effects.

Prototype Laminate Tube from Albéa, France





Exclusive Design for a Premium Product

_DSC5575The luxurious and exclusive look of the beauty elixir is sensational. A new gold-coloured enamel symbolically presents the shiny effect on the tube that the product promises for the hair.

Aluminium tube from Witte y Solà, Spain