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Tubes of the Year 2007

etma “Tube of the Year 2007” competition
Tube Industry gives Positive Response to Multifunctional Packaging Solutions

The role of packaging as a "silent salesman" is of major importance these days in terms of successful product marketing. For this reason, marketing experts, designers and packaging developers are constantly on the lookout for tailored solutions that ensure the success of the product on the shop shelf thanks to their visual quality, outstanding consumer friendliness and safety.

This year's "Tube of the Year 2007" competition, run by the european tube manufacturers association (etma) provides examples of multifunctional packaging with superior visual quality and convenience thanks to the use of state of the art production technology.

The etma competition covers tubes made of the three materials plastic, laminate and aluminium as well as a "Prototypes" category for all types of material.

In the Plastic Tubes category the winner was a shower gel and after-shave balsam tube with the new AMBRÉ fragrance line from perfume brand Baldessarini, which was manufactured by Alcan Packaging Beauty (Germany) for Procter & Gamble. The 50 mm and 35 mm diameter tubes feature a unique 3-colour silk screen printing design with silver embossing, finished off with two particularly user-friendly flip-top caps oriented to the printed image. A smaller version of the shower gel in a 30 mm tube with the same print design and a screw top completes this innovative tube range.

The bronze and gold decoration on these ultra-modern tubes with their masculine overtones contains metallic pigments and is applied using specially structured screens on a dark-bronze coloured sleeve. The extraordinary visual and tactile effect achieved with this process imitates the structure of luxury leather. A special editing of the artwork data was required to obtain this innovative effect.

In the bottom third of the tube the colours are screened from dark to light and guide the eye perfectly to the silver-coloured stripe around the tube that symbolises the infinitely wide horizon which is the central element of AMBRÉ’s brand philosophy. The tube and the folding carton with its matching design form a perfect visual entity and communicate one and the same message to the consumer.

In the Aluminium Tubes section a foodstuffs tube produced by Obrist (Switzerland) came away with first prize and featured a stylish closure cap. The development of this innovative cap enabled the combination of three important packaging functions – increased consumer-friendliness, im-proved handling and effective product presen-tation.

The innovative shape of the closure cap makes it easy for the consumer to open the tube thanks to its improved grip. The cap also offers a larger standing surface allowing the tube to be stood on its head without problem. This packaging feature enables completely new marketing aspects for aluminium tubes in terms of the design and presentation of the brand and corporate image at the PoS and also increases the potential for product differentiation.

The Laminate Tubes section was won by Neopac (Switzerland) for its "Mediterranean" tube for Elizabeth Arden. "Mediterranean“ is the new line of perfumes by Arden that was launched on the US market on Mother's Day this year.

The Neopac body lotion tube is in perfect visual harmony with the rest of the series and complements the perfume flacon. With its blue-green colouring combined with a metallic finish, the Polyfoiltube® reflects the Mediterranean look and conveys a sense of luxury and invigorating well-being to the customer. Thanks to its special closure, a silver metal cap with hammer-finished surface, this packaging reflects the exclusivity of the product. It is the first time that a metal cap closure has been developed in this way for a tube with a rounded edge.

The Karl Höll company (Germany) was the winner in the Prototypes category for a laminate tube with a revolutionary shoulder design. The tube opening on the shoulder is provided with an innovative membrane that provides unmistakable tamper evidence and thus affords the consumer a high degree of protection. In contrast to conventional membranes, which are applied at a later stage of the tube production, this special membrane is a fixed part of the shoulder design. It enables the user to pull the membrane away from the tube easily with the aid of an integral ring-pull closure. The major benefit for the tube manufacturer is that, compared with conventional laminate tube manufacturing processes, a production stage can be dispensed with since there is no need to apply the membrane separately.  This increases line speed and production efficiency.

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